About Accusense

WTS Non Destructive Testing

Accusense developed and patented our unique system for checking plate and tubular heat exchangers six years ago.

Over the years we have continually developed and improved the system until today, where it has become the premier testing system used in the UK. Accusense have also started the process of licensing the system to service providers worldwide.

The Accusense System utilises the inert helium gas as a tracer to seek out any potential leaks in one circuit of a heat exchanger. The opposing circuit has a low volume of circulating air which is continually monitored for any traces of helium which are displayed on the detecting instrument and a paperless recording system. The whole testing process only takes a few minutes to complete on any one section of a heat exchanger.

This is a major advantage to the end user as production only has to be disrupted for a short period of time. The system is the most sensitive in-situ testing method available in the market place today; it is capable of detecting very small holes or cracks potentially down to 5 microns.