Non Destructive Testing - Accusense Systems

The Accusense System uses an established and highly effective non-destructive testing method developed and patented by Accusense.


Unlike conventional methods i.e. dye penetrant the Accusense System does not require the heat exchanger to be stripped or opened and can find holes down to 5 microns. This proven method uses Helium gas as it not only has the second smallest atom size, but is also easily detectable.


This unique non-destructive testing method allows the discovery of faults before they become problematic and therefore enables planned preventative maintenance, unlike other test methods. The use of Helium has additional benefits in that it is safely dispersed, leaves no residue, is non toxic and does not stress the plate pack with high pressures.


This method is very quick, efficient and only takes on average 5 minutes a section to test a standard plate heat exchanger, therefore making a very cost effective solution to inspection needs within many industries.

Exact plate location is achieved by a supplementary test which requires fluorescent Dye to be circulated around the defective section.


  • Non destructive
  • Safe in operation
  • No residual contamination
  • Minimum disruption to production
  • On-site testing with prompt conclusions
  • Pinhole detection
  • Exact plate location.