Safety & Environment

WTS Non Destructive Testing

At Western Technical Services, employee safety and environmental impact of our business practices are of paramount importance.

All of our personnel are confined spaces trained and certified every three years. WTS are IOSH S.P.A. Passport holders and have many other individual personnel accreditations, such as fork lift driving licenses and Cherry picker Licenses. WTS are also Safe Contractor Approved.

At Western Technical Services we are very environmentally aware we endeavour to cause as little environmental impact as possible during the course of our normal operations. Our environmental policy covers such things as choosing vehicles with low CO2 emissions, switching off engines as soon as practical when vehicles are stopped using low sulphur & Bio fuels where available.

We also only source our paper from sustainable sources we have chosen not to use recycled paper because a little known fact is that recycled paper can often cause more harm to the environment than it saves due to the amount of bleach require to clean it. The Dye Penetrant we use for Tank/Silo inspection is the first new dye to be developed in 20 years it is Hydrocarbon free, has no nonyl-phenols. It is Non Toxic and Non Polluting and causes no environmental damage when discharged.