Food, Beverage & Dairy Inspection

Food, Beverage and Dairy Inspection

For the thorough and definitive testing of plate pack heat exchangers, WTS has developed and patented its own unique non-destructive testing method - known as Accusense - utilising Helium gas.

Having the smallest atom size in its gaseous state and being easily detectable, Helium is able to find pin holes and cracks that other testing would not show up. The advantage this gives is that it finds small through holes before they become problematic, enabling preventative planned maintenance to be scheduled with minimum production disturbance. Helium is also safely dispersed, leaves no residue and allows tests to be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

The need for regular testing in the food, dairy and brewing industries has never been greater. Increases in health scares, public interest and the insistence of the large retailers on 'due-dilligence', means that companies can no longer afford to 'bury their heads' and hope for the best, or leave it until there is a problem - prevention is always better than cure.

WTS has a wealth of experience in the regular testing of all types of heat exchangers, silos, tanks, dryers, etc., including holding time tests. We can work with you on a regular testing programme designed specifically for the needs of your operation to ensure that contamination and equipment failure is avoided.

We also offer Hydrostatic Pressure Testing & Instrument Calibration, operating to the highest standards and offering on-site and laboratory services utilising the latest testing and inspection techniques. As part of your team, we operate fully 'stand-alone' equipment and carry out the work with the minimum of disruption and downtime - the few hours invested will pay dividends over and over again, resulting in the consistent and reliable operation of your production facility.